Town in Central New Jersey that breeds 20-somethings who can't wait to move away and can't even think of raising their kids here. The only people that flock here for some ungodly reason are Indians (from India... not from the reservations). They take over the schools and cause actual SB kids to go to college and wonder where have all the Indians gone?
South Brunswick is made up of little towns called Dayton, Monmouth Junction, Little Rocky Hill, Kendall Park, and Kingston. Each of these bring no more to the table than the next.
Princeton is just a place you go to in high school and never to college.
Close to Rutgers - everyone says they won't go there but statistically, 25% of the graduating classes of 500 will end up at RU New Brunswick.
Bob: Where are you from? Joe: South Brunswick? Bob: Oh near Rutgers? Joe: Um, yeah... I guess that's the best way to describe it...
by wellhellothere November 6, 2005
South Brunswick is a town located in central New Jersey, contrary to belief it is a a great town, YES there is a growing population of Indians (Asian type) but it's a great multiracial place. It has its share of trailer parks and ratchet black girls and the school teachers are abnormally mean....but as most people don't know there is a rural area of South Brunswick, a vast farming area with great people (even if most are total hillbillies) and ranked South Brunswick Township 22nd on its 2011 list of the "Best Places to Live", all in all its a great town.
Bob: where are you from?
Jack: south Brunswick
Bob: I hear that's a terrible place to live
Jack: it really isn't
Bob: whatever you say...
by NJ HISTORIAN January 3, 2014
South Brunswick. A town located in New Jersey. One of the most culturally and socially diverse townships. There are stoners, emos, populars, gossipers, etc. but in the end they all come together and literally everyone is somehow linked to another person. Mohamed Sanu went to h.s. there. Every teen hates South Brunswick but as an adult they look back realizing how great it was. If you went to SBHS you can literally walk down memory lane.
Taylor: omg I just found out that Emma is Joey's brother's best friend's cousin and that they're friends
Gabby: wait what? omg how? but Joey is a total stoner and Emma hangs with the girls who like to gossip
Taylor: I mean... we're all linked in South Brunswick. Everyone knows each other in a way.
by randomth1ngs March 6, 2017
A place in New Jersey, where there are a lot of fake people, and a whole bunch of people who will say they're there for you, when they won't be there at all. DO NOT trust anyone in South Brunswick, especially the bitches who think they're all that.
"Everyone's fake where I'm from!" "Ohh you must be from South Brunswick!"
by welcometosb October 4, 2017
commonly referred to as "mouth" brunswick because everyone is so far up eachothers' asses and know everything about everyone else. Mind you- graduating classes of about 500, where you know shit about just about everyone, except for the Indians, which more often then not, are in their own cliques. A town where rich/middle class suburbia meets the nastiness of the trailer park and the black girls are nasty in the hallways. When asked where south brunswick is- a common answer would be, by Rutgers, and although you say you would never go there, chances are you will because you got rejected from TCNJ. Everyone who lives in SB can't wait til grad day to get the fuck out. The cops are also notorious for catching people hotboxing their cars, which really sucks. People also tend to start drinking, smoking and having sex quite early as well- o well, we are all fucked up. Even though we all hate SB, we become obsessed with it once we leave. This is a town full of elite douchebaggery, and most people end up missing it.
Kristin: I need to drop something off at South Brunswick high school but the only thing I found was a building that looked like a hospital
Lauren: Oh no, that IS the high school, and watch out, although it is so big, some black girl will bump into you and expect YOU to say sorry. Just giving the heads up.
by bkd December 5, 2005
A place in central New Jersey that is mainly becoming a hotspot for Indians. Neighborhoods will have many white families until one family moves out of the neighborhood and then Asians (especially Indians) will move in. Soon, neighborhoods will be filled with Indians and the population of other nationalities decrease while South Brunswick becomes New India.
Indian Parent: Let's move to South Brunswick.
You: Oh my god (sighs). Another One?
by haha2point0 February 15, 2011