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Male organ from India.

S Asians mainly fall into 5 groups:

1 HOMO ALPINUS, the short Caucasoid Alpine Race of Central India. Having evolved in icy cold Alpine &
Siberian climates, vascularised parts like ear, finger & penis have shrunken to conserve heat. Thus, the Indo-Aryan
Penis is as small as the mainly Alpine European Penis, 3.5-4.5 in.

2 HOMO IRANICUS, the tall Caucasoid Nordic-Iranian Race of North India. As an adaptation to less cold
climates, the North Indian Penis is, like the Scandinavian Penis, 4.0-5.5 in - small but larger than the Central
Indian Penis. However, Bergman's Rule leads to large body mass, which contrasts with the modest penis & leads to
stereotypes of microphallism.

3 HOMO DRAVIDA, the medium-tall Negroid Australoid race of South India. To impregnate the steatopygian
Dravidian Woman with her cavernous Shudrani Vagina, & due to enlargement of heat-dissipating external organs in
the hot S Indian climate, Dravidoid male genitalia have evolved a very large size, as per Allen's Rule. Thus, the
Dravidian Penis is, with the Sudanese Penis, largest in the world, measuring 6-10 in.

4 HOMO PYGMAEUS: Macrophallism is even evident among Pygmoids (dwarf Negritos & short Kolarian
Proto-Australoids) who number 5.0-6.9 in.

5 HOMO TIBETICUS, Tibeto-Burman Mongoloids of Tibet, E Himalayas & Nepal who have evolved in icy cold
climates. Hence, the Tibetan Penis is as small as the Alpine Penis.
Consequences of racial variations in South Asian Penis size include various aspects of South Asiatic civilisation:

1) Caste Systems are necessitated to prevent the Sexual Dravidianisation of Indo-Aryan women & thus ensure the
continuity of Caucasoid Indo-Aryan races. Harshest is the Brahminical, which prescribes Shudra Penis Amputation.

2) Shudraphobia is the common result of Shudra Penis Envy in areas with strict caste restrictions. Thus,
Brahminical scripture blames Shudras for all the world's evils, depicting Shudra Raj as a hell.

3) Shudra Penis Worship however, is the result of lax caste systems, as Dravidoid males displace overawed
Caucasoids to assume 'alpha male' status. Shudraphilia is most visible in Islamised N. India, the Lusitanised
Concan & Dot-Com Age Urban 'Desi' mohallas - esp. in Begumi Culture & Desi Hip Hop Culture.

4) Dravidoid racial elements in N India are often due to secret Inter-Caste Sex by Aryan females.

5) Punjabi Penis Jokes often focus on the pervasive Small Punjabi Penis Stereotype, which is based on the
relatively short size of the Iranoid North Indian Penis in relation to the bulky & muscular Nordic-Iranian male
frame - just as Scandinavian Penis Jokes focus on a similar contrast in Nordic men in Europe.

6) Condom manufacturers are forced to make South Indian Condoms as per the intl. 'L'arge standard & North Indian
Condoms as per the global 'S'mall size.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza July 14, 2011
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