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To constantly have your pistol ready in your hand, to fend off murderous attackers. The South African Pistol Draw is not actually a "Draw" in the traditional sense, but rather a constant state of preparedness in an understandable and justified constant fear for your own life and the lives of your loved ones. Due to the high prevalence of violent crime in South Africa, not only is a gun a necessity; but constantly having the gun immediately available in your hand to fend off violent murderers is never a bad idea either.
Chad: "They broke into my uncle's house last night at gunpoint to murder him and rape his wife, but he "one upped" them with the South African Pistol draw!"
Vusi: "Lekker! Those fools had it coming."
Chad: "Yeah, apparently there are companies that specialize in cleaning up the mess at violent crime scenes..Big business, it happens so often."
Vusi: "Lucky your uncle knew the South African Pistol Draw, else they'd be scraping "his" brains off the walls and not the criminals.."
Chad: "Damn straight! ..And worse for my aunt.."

Kayleigh: "Guys, stop being so negatiiiiiive! This is a beautiful country and.."

Chad + Vusi: "Yes, yes, sunshine and rainbow nation! Blah blah bullshit.. It's not like the country has a Pistol Draw named after it or anything.. Right?"
by JohnDaniels May 14, 2015
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