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South Africa is the coolest country in Africa. It has some of the best surfing spots in the world. South Africa, contrary to popular to belief, is very modernized in certain areas. Big cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria(the capital), and coolest of all, Durban. Go to South Africa sometime! It's awesome!
I went to South Africa this summer and it was fucking awesome. The surfing there is incredible!!!
by dunst December 14, 2004
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south africa - the best country ever! so so so nice and hot! gorgeous beaches, hot sun, sexy lads what more can you ask for! the best time to go is winter time in england - summer time in south africa. still nice and hot in april but starts gettting colder around end of may until about middle of september. temperatures don't go lower than 10degrees in pretoria nt much lower than that in durban. cape town is the coldest at that time. a really nice place to go is sun city in pilanesburg.
absolutely beautiful country, does have a few minor bad points. but overall wicked. nicest places to go are durban, sun city, cape town, pilanesburg safari, mpumalanga, noth western province. good word to use over there is - lekker -
by sarah March 17, 2005
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most established country in Africa. is not made up of only black people, is not one of the most AIDS afflicted countries in Africa, has cities and towns, new technology. doesnt have animals running wild every.they are in game parks.(FYI: tigers are not a natural animal of Africa)also the best country in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"if you're from africa, why are you white" (mean girls)
" South Africa, does that mean you have AIDS?" (Maggie)
"Do you throw spears at trees when you lived in SOUTH AFRICA?" (ali)
"Do you have like lions and tigers wandering around your backyard?"
by Miss South Africa July 02, 2006
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Do not listen to number 5. First off, South africa isn't run by Nelson Mandela anymore. They now have Thabo Mbeki. According to South Africans, mandela was much better and he actually levelled the races out, not giving one a boost while denying the others.
However, currently 'apartheid' has been turned around, with black people (mostly illiterate, due to poverty) being given jobs they can't spell, let alone handle, as part of the black regime's 'Affirmative Action' plan.
Crime in South Africa is overrated. In the suburbs and cities crime is marginal. Sadly this is not the case in the less-developed areas ("townships", where the poverity-stricken people live in shacks), where crime is rampant.
Again, unlike nr. 5 says, freedom of speech is a large factor in South Africa.
One of the bigger problems the country experiences is that a large chunk of the 90-something% people in the country who are black, feel everything should fall into their laps, because "we were treated badly during apartheid". Thusly, they tend to strike for months if they don't get what they want.
Other than that, it's an AWESOME country, with beaches, game-parks, and mountians, etc.
What do you want me to say here?! See above for info about south africa.
by Corri October 22, 2007
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That one country that needs more maps
I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so, because some... people out there in our nation don't have maps. And I believe that our education in South Africa and the Iraq, like, such as...
by abruzz0 September 01, 2007
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A country in the southern hemisphere, that experienced harsh suppression by the government during the apartheid era, which came to an end in 1994.
South Africa has 9 provinces each with a diverse reange of flora and fauna. South Africa will host the 2010 football world cup.
Cape Town, South Africa is the most beautiful destination I have ever been to.
by lovebubble March 23, 2008
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The nation that consistently battles it out with Colombia in a little game called "Who's The World's Murder Capital?".
South Africa's murder rate per 100,000 citizens: 55.3 (1999)

Colombia's murder rate per 100,000 citizens: 56.0 (1998)

The United States's murder rate per 100,000 citizens: 5.6 (2002)
by Bunga Bunga September 28, 2004
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