a no-talent rapper whose lyrical talent pails in comparison to lyricists like Rakim, Ras Kass, Canibus, and AZ. All he is good for is making corny catchy songs that other low-IQ people can sing along to.
"Soulja Boy sucks dick" - some dude at a GZA concert
by True HipHop Fan February 22, 2008
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If Hip-Hop were an anus, Soulja Boy would be the hemorrhoid.
"I tried SuperSoaking Soulja Boy with a mixture of Preparation H and Tucks juice, but it didn't do anything!"
by Cleveland Steam Room December 13, 2007
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Some crazy gorilla who dances like an ape and looks like a fucking half-wit while doing so. The song sucks, the video sucks harder, and every time I watch this I want to take a chainsaw to this fucking ape's jugular.

Give him credit for bending that bitch over and supermaning that hoe (the act of wrenching a chick doggystyle, and letting that hot sauce go on her back/ass, and causing the sheets to get stuck on her back, thus resembling a superhero's cape), but the dance just fucking ruined it.

The "souljaboy" also has a very bad speech impediment. This is seen in the line where he says "WAH me crack and WAH me roll." Well...many may ask...WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MEAN TO WAH SOMETHING? The answer is unknown to a group of experts from Stanford and Niagara universities. However, these same scholars did attempt to superman that hoe, but proceeded to get the sheet stuck on the ceiling fan, so the credibility of this hypothesis may not be accurate.
Souljaboy may have supermanned that hoe, but I'll fucking batman all over his face.
by Collin Mehl October 18, 2007
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a dumb mofo who tried to step on Nas by saying he killed hiphop.
The only reason Nas said hiphop is dead is because he killed it.-Soulja Boy
by bigbuttsowhat June 04, 2009
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A rapper from the south who cant rap for shit. The way he got inspiration for his songs was he put about 5 or 6 different songs through a woodchipper and then randomly went around collecting random words and pieced that together to make his songs. After he made the lyrics he made up some dance he probably stole from a retarded gangbanger on the street. In his dance he looks like he is trying to hug the audience because he is desperate for affection.
I'm going to do what soulja boy did and make songs by puting other songs through a woodchipper and then go around collecting random words.
by gopackgo January 05, 2008
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a douche bag who thinks he can rap, rap is dying because of this dickhead.
retarded soulja boy fan: look at me, i listen to a guy that sounds like timmy from south park
by hispanic ninja April 18, 2008
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