someone that you have been looking for
a soulmate is that special someone that's only for you and only you
person 1: damn i think autumn is my soulmate
person 2: i agree she definitely the one for you
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by ryder.com September 29, 2020
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Soulmates are people who share a type of love and bond that is unlike any other. The love between 2 soulmates cannot be broken by anything, even death.
Person 1: Hey, what's a soulmate?
Person 2: Have you seen Camryn and Landon Clifford? That's the definition of a soulmate. Soulmates are 2 people who's love for each other is so strong that death couldn't break it.
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by coldheartbutlovingtheonesIlove November 19, 2020
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"You are my soulmate"
"It's your soulmate Jimin"
"What happened to soulmates?"
by eternaltan November 12, 2020
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nomin πŸ’“
nomin are soulmates and you can’t deny it.
by leeeeeejeno November 13, 2020
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when you are drawn to someone immediately. you feel a connection you have never felt before. an instant spark. and in that moment, you know, you have something special.
β€œHey do you know what a soulmate is?”

β€œYa! Like Louis and Harry from One Direction. They are definitely soulmates.”
by fearlesslarry28 September 24, 2020
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