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A sublime moment of sexual intimacy that involves reaching escape velocity from the skull sized prisons of the ego in order to join in the bliss of togetherness as you nut all over each other.
Dave was balls deep in his chick as they locked eyes in their sweaty embrace. When he kissed her deeply Dave tasted his cock on Audrey's lips but it was OK because they were soul fucking so they were no longer separate. They had momentarily fused into a single mystical fucking organism.
by OttoWalters July 07, 2013
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When you look into someone's eyes, and you are so connected with that person that it feels like your souls are making love.
She said she wanted to save herself for marriage, so we just soul fucked.
by DR. AVL January 06, 2010
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To feel completely infinite, while with a close friend or complete stranger. For once in your life, to be understood and to understand fully, without an explaination. There is usually no touching involved, only presence. Usually felt when listening to music; good music, not rap shit.

Sometimes used as soulrape.
"Sometimes, when we are together, I feel like we are soulfucking each other..."

"All Bobby and I do is soulfuck all night long."

"I'm going to rape your soul."

by J. Alexa Leigh Rowe September 10, 2008
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An adjective used to describe an incredily traumatic or unpleasant experience.
"My car was stolen yesterday, I am so pissed; what a soulfuck, man."
"My grandfather just died, I am so upset. It's quite the soulfuck to lose someone close to you."
by Samantha (BoomSass) November 13, 2006
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