Zach Paul when ever he loses.
Zach: "That call messed up my shot in cup pong. I won't play again because I lost and am a sore loser:((("
by zerkneedsbrews April 25, 2018
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Donald Trump is a sore loser because he can't accept defeat and he won't accept that the voting system elected Joe Biden.
by Word Deity November 10, 2020
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someone who can't take the fact that he lost the presidential race (Donald Trump)

like get over it dude you lost.
That trump dude is a sore loser!
by gay guy :) November 15, 2020
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Your Candidate Lost, Get Over IT!!!!!
Stop being a SORE LOSER!
Stop being a SORE LOSER!
by Dirty Ballerina January 15, 2017
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sore loser is Gamerz0101,who lacks at rp and thinks than is always right
Gamerz0101,well know example of sore loser
by Brownie Onii April 01, 2010
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A woman who gets angry at a guy who blows his wad, then falls asleep or gets up to have a cigarette without even considering the possibility that maybe she was not done yet.
Hey, I was tired! Why do you always have to be such a sore loser?
by effinheimer October 16, 2009
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