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Latin: Soppius Twatius.

A male or female of the human species with a very special talent for over the top romantic gestures. Scientists have offered up the theory that the Soppy Twat is a left over from the Regency period, who became locked in a dusty closet over time (or possibly suffocating shit relationship) and has only managed to escape recently and so thus is attempting to make up for lost time by being romantic. Means well but is only suited to being in relationships with other Soppy Twats, possibly of the Closeted Soppy Twat variety (latin: closeted soppius twatius.) Thrives well in lovey dovey relationships. Not well equipped to dealing with one night stands. Have been known to migrate from lesser known areas such as Ipswich, to more metropolitian areas such as Essex to provide more romantic backdrop for shenanigans. Has been known to reduce on lookers to physical vomiting on unveiling of most recent soppy twatted project, i.e life size shrine of girlfriend in bedroom, sprayed with girlfriends perfume for added realism.

Must not be confused with an actual soppy twat, as in a vajayjay which has become wet through sexual arousal, though should this event occur, it would be correct to refer to the person as a Soppy Twatted Soppy Twat.
Soppy Twat: I've had a sky writer write out your full name surrounded by love hearts in the sky.
Girl: But it's only been a month.
Soppy Twat: I know. I love you.
Girl: I love you too.

Famous Soppy Twat projects: The Taj Mahal.
by Closeted Soppy Twat November 02, 2010
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