Being fisted like a hand puppet. Generally a gay term.
by someonesooty November 28, 2008
A dirty girl - one that is so dirty that 'sootie' is the only accurate way to describe her
Originated in Bermuda

Circa 2017
by cjmoney September 3, 2018
Political slang describing someone who doesn't play by the rules and regulations of an election or partisan caucus.
Wow, John McCain is such a sootie. He plays Joe Biden like a drum.
by UrbanDict56721 March 7, 2012
Being hungry for love, being hungry for pork, and being hungry for everything in between
Wilbur soot: I’m hungry for love I’m hungry for pork and I’m hungry for everything in between and THAT’S the sooty way muah muah
by Janettes February 24, 2021
the act of double-fisting.

note - this term implies that each hand is in a separate place (otherwise it would be Sooty & Sootying (or, arguably, Sweep & Sweeping), which sounds gash).

this phrase takes its name from the act of inserting both hands into 80s tv stars, glove-puppets Sooty (the annoying yellow one) & Sweep (the awesome squeaky one).

author's note - i would personally usually start with Sooty on the left & Sweep on the right, but this is down to personal preference.
Poke - "is your nan out tonight?"

Mouse - "no, she was out on a ketamine bender last night & ended up getting Sooty & Sweeped by a couple of trannies."
by princess pokey May 4, 2011
Being hungry for sex, pork, and everything in between
Wilbur Soot: I’m hungry for sex, pork, and everything in between, and that’s the sooty way mwah mwah
by Janettes December 28, 2021