someone who is referred to as a sonny is usually a pedophile. someone who is obsessive, stupid and asian. A nerd who wishes to become one of the gangsta type. Wannabe.
person1: haay got a hot pic?
person2: dont be a sonny.

by Coool Dudee! August 20, 2008
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A dog that is very very obese and lazy, it likes to sit on the couch and watch golf. It struggles to even walk and a trip to the food bowl is like a horrendous mountain climb to this dog. If this dog happens to go outside ,before he does so, he applies sunscreen to protect him from thee ultraviolet rays. Sonny's most distinct feature is that he smells like burnt pancakes. Dilf.
Dale: Oh shit that's an ugly fat dog...
Keith: Shit, you're right that thing is a Sonny!
by K-Wags July 26, 2011
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definition of a N.G new ganster reppin alexander first nation.
look at that straight up sonny,call up the honeys, befo he spends his money, ya'll think this is funny.
by Sonny G October 03, 2006
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Sonny is a coon and he thinks he is better than the amazing ell6s at fortnite but in reality he's fucking dung, talking about dung that's what he looks like. Because he's black.
Person 1: Oh my dung, have you seen that coon Sonny?
Person 2: Yeah, he legit raped my sister yesterday, it kind of gave me a boner though.
Person 1: I saw that too his big black cock is so fucking huge!
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by ell6s May 08, 2019
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Sonny, all in all, is quite the bitch. Lot's of insecurities, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and overall a fashion sense like Hellen Keller's wardrobe. He hides behind trends and things he thinks are cool in the pursuit of friends which, when he has them, doesn't believe they exist. Despite lots of efforts from people promising their love, he's so far up his own ass to realize people actually care about him. Lots of sarcasm, self hate, masturbation and other dumb jokes, overbearing tendencies and everything in between. Although he seems caring and kind, he will constantly doubt it until he believes it himself that he is worthless. Because he is. And also, the cherry on top: tiddies.
Anyone: "Ayyyyy Sonny!"

Sonny: "Welp. I think it's my time to go."
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by BruhSoundEffect.WAV December 30, 2018
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A boy who is very strange, looks like a frog, is very squeaky in the voice and his ballers are slowly going up rather then down
by Pepsa March 07, 2017
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