A boy who has a beautiful spirit, adoring friends and an amazing life. One who brings joy and sparkles to every place he alights.
That Sonny is one fine boy!
by booscal February 07, 2010
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This boy is the total dream. Kind, Loving and a total gamer. He attracts most girls and it’s quite the athlete. When he walks in he street people see him and say: “I wish I could be just like him!”

He is one of those people who when started, they can’t be stopped! He draws, played games and records YouTube videos in his free time. Which people love. Most people really like Sonny’s talents and wish he would do more!

Anyways, Sonny is one of those guys anyone could live with and not get bored living with!
Seriously though, Sonny is one of those rare guys you get in school who is both considerably geeky, and surprisingly athletic!
by Paintbrush195 June 02, 2019
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Sonny is an amazing person who is unique in every way and who is loved by all. It is impossibly not to love a caring loving guy like him, all guys wish that they were him and everyone knows him for the smart guy he is. Impossible not to love this perfect man? Sonny, is Sonny sun sunshine the best of the best. He can see you not with his eyes but his soul. So profound and so deep. He will love you like no other. When he says "I love you " you know he means it, unlike other boys you can't tell. Sonny is such an amazing person that will leave a good mark on your life and you'll be happy he's there. Sonny is the white peaceful clouds up above. He's my comfort zone. He’s my peacemaker. He’s my hopeless romantic. He's my Whiteboy. He’s my love. He's mine. Sonny smile will light up your mood in a sec. Less than a sec! Even when times are hard you can always count on him. You can count on him to talking about pugs in the morning, or see what pigeons think or what we think about the world. It’s not just about sex, It’s more than that, it’s not just appearance ( he's super fine, he's 😍) its more than that. It’s not just personality (he has genuine good heart and good intentions, he's beautiful) its more than that. It’s how you connect with him physically, mentally & spiritually. He's everything in the world. He's what counts most.
Sonny is the sunshine of my day, he’s what makes everyone’s day brighter and better.
by Jorge Dele Cruz April 22, 2019
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1. Name for a boy, means "Our Son"
2.What old people call boys
Eh? Speak up sonny I can't hear you!
by S0NNY908 October 01, 2006
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To run someone over at night and then reverse to run them over again. The process is then repeated until the victim is as flat as a pancake.
MAN 1: Run him over! Sonny him! That guy owes my dope AND money!
MAN 2: Imma Sonny this motherfucker into an omelet!
via giphy
by onecoolasguy October 08, 2018
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Sonny is a boy who is usually a Sagittarius. He is very smart when people don't relies it. When you see Sonny , you would want to become his friend. If you see that Sonny is single, you should take him before it's too late. Sonny is good at a load of things like Sport, Gaming etc. Sonny is da Sun! Sonny usually dates a girl along the lines of Lucy or someone who starts with a L or R. Sonny is just the best person everrr
Girl 1: Did you see Sonny?
Lucy: Yeah he's my bf
Girl 1: So your name is Lucy! You got a hot boyfriend!
by askyourcrushout! March 10, 2020
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