A pathetic teenage rabble rouser who needs to be eliminated in order to preserve Lord Robotnik's new world order.
"Sonic, isn't that the name of Sir Charles nephew!?"
by Exor October 29, 2003
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Sonic is where you go down on your man or toss him off and when he cums make sure you get plenty jizz on your hands then run them through his hair making it spiky like Sonic ;)
Sarah: Since when did he gel his hair ?

Emily: Since i gave him a sonic ;)
by Simbaaaaa October 05, 2010
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1. A very, very fast blue hedgehog that likes to roll around in ball form
2. Sounds
3. A resaurant chain that insists on advertising in Northeast Ohio even though the closest one is hundreds of fucking miles away.
1. "You're too slow!" - One of Sonic's Smash Brothers Brawl taunts

2. Sonic noises are things you hear, you moron.

3. Damnit!
by Tony Z April 03, 2008
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A SEGA character who is going to be made into a terrible movie save your money for toy story 5, because this movie is poopy trash.
"GOTTA TO GO FAST" is a quote from sonic and "YOUR TOO SLOW" is one when sonic is walking.
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by qasdfgdtyduhygedjiegm October 14, 2019
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MMM a great place for a burger or fries of all sorts
Hey, lets go eat at Sonic and smoke mad Ls
by pootytang March 11, 2003
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A constant wall of sound, or an extremely heavy, thick or fast sound.
that guitar is sonic.
by av July 30, 2003
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