1. relating to sound waves.

2. name of the hedgehog that was featured in video games in the 1990's.

3. America's drive in, a burger chain where you drive into a stall push a button and order great inexpensive fast food. It was originally started as a hamburger and root beer stand in Shawnee, OK, called Top Hat Drive In, then later changed its name to Sonic. The first drive in to adopt the Sonic name is still serving customers in Stillwater, OK. Sonic now has more than 2,600 drive-ins in 30 states, and is the nation’s largest chain of drive in restaurants with more than a million customers eating at Sonic Drive Ins every day.

1. The sound was super sonic.

2. Sonic The Hedgehog was a very popular video game in the 1990's.

3. Garth's favorite place to eat in the Sonic Drive In near his house.
by cardinal_fan October 12, 2004
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1. The greatest video game character everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! He is a blue hedgehog and has to fight the evil Dr. Eggman. (Not Robotnik, Eggman!)

2. Some sort of 50s-style restaraunt.
1. I want Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for Christmas!

2. We could go to that one Sonic place for lunch.
by Mew February 04, 2005
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The blue blur had his peak of fame during Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles in 1994. It would have been cool if there was a SEGA Saturn Sonic series, given that the Saturn was a perfect console for 2D games. (Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Jam don't count) They had some Sonic fighting game for the Saturn, but thanks to some asshole executive named Bernie Stolar, it never saw the light of day in America.
Oh well, at least I still have Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. Oh the wonderful memories of beating both games.
by Genesis nostalgia October 28, 2003
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That place where you pay for a carhop to bring dinner to your car window rather than having to wait in a drive thru line because you have to get your kids to girl scouts, soccer, dance, etc.
by Hurried Mom March 07, 2003
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A blue hedghog whos aim is to thwart the evil Dr. Robotnic and aquire all the chaos emeralds in order to become an invinsible yellow hedgehog. He wears 'Super sneaker' which allow him to run at extraordinary speed.
I wish I could run as fast as Sonic
by Magic E January 25, 2003
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Speedy blue hedgehog who has appeared in a myriad of SEGA games. He is the SEGA version of Nintendo's Mario.
by Will January 25, 2004
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