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The small town in Connecticut where there is not much to do but hang out with friends. there is a lot of drama revolving around the high school anywhere from teacher teacher lesbian love to the classic teen girl drama. but if you come to somers be careful you may be stalked by Tyler J.
"I'm TJA in Somers, CT and going to park in your drive and I will do anything for you even cry over you having a boyfriend
by somerskid March 08, 2011
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A town in CT where there is nothing to do but cause trouble, being a small town all the people that live there base there lives off of drama, the high school kids love it, even the college kids. If you have been to Somers you also must know "Layla" she is the town well you can figure it out, Lets just say she makes boys very happy. haha
I live in Somers, CT want to have some fun ;-) ;-)

Somers CT??? OMG DRAMA
by IhaTeCT111111 May 31, 2010
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