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A public school in westchester that is not only 99% white, but also 99% vape. All everyone cares about is football or track (even though no one really cares about track other than the people that do it) The schools have the money for 12 drug talks a year, but not air conditioning in all the classrooms. The only thing that is good about it is Matt Carr canceling school and the teachers don't give a flying fuck about the kids. All the kids are in the typical cliche groups and all you hear while walking in the hall is cursing or gossiping.
These kids are all throwing water bottles at us, must be from Somers High School
by synebee May 03, 2018
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A school where more people smoke weed then people who don’t
Me :Bro I just lost my Xanax

Friend : Fuck bro that sucks let’s look for them

Me : oh wait I poped them I’m just too clapped

Somers High School
by Anonymous6548 August 22, 2019
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