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This is a very special act that can only be done with a correct and precise possess, it's not easy. But is this sounds interesting than here are the instructions:
(note: you need a fairly large penis for best results)
Step 1. Have unprotected sex with any black women and basically get her pregnant.
Step 2. wait until the third trimester of the pregnancy (maybe even late in the second trimester)
Step 3. Violently and ferociously begin to ram your penis into the vagina, so hard in fact that you severely damage the babies outer appearance. If you don't happen to have a monster penis, then attach something to the front.
Step 4. Finish by ejaculating as you scream "Look at me, I am the captain now!" make sure to look her in the eyes.
John: Bruh, just did the Somalian Warhammer on the girl Jane.
Bill: How was that?
John: Dude shit was brutal.
by P.P Rubbins February 18, 2015
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