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A woman's asshole after its been fucked many times by 1 or multiple men, generally is jizzed in after it is normally left gaping and open.
"Damn dude her ass a soggy bagel"

"Yah dude I wonder how many dudes did that shit"

"Too many man"
by Kénji Lescara May 31, 2018
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Soggy bagel is a game that is played with a bunch of guys. The game itself is a circle jerk with two rules after the first person starting the game has jerked off into the bagel: 1. When the bagel is passed to you, you jerk off into it 2. The last one to jerk off into the bagel as it gets passed around has to eat it.
1: "What's up Shirley? How is Bill?"
"Oh he's had a busy day at work, so he's playing some soggy bagel with his co-workers"

"You guys were hungry so you had to turn your wacking session into a game of soggy bagel?!"
by Cuthroat Bill November 16, 2006
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When you are fucking a biscuit and eventually you cum in it. Then,it starts to become soggy and you eat it.

I was so horney last night that I had a soggy bagel.
by Jizza July 12, 2003
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