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A sententious pseudo-bohemiam guy who lives in an affluent suburb and attends an elitist posh private school. However, despite all this, he claims he is "grunge" and "punk rock" in order to seem edgy and seduce girls. These kind of guys think theyre either the next Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, or Ozzy Osbourne. They try to have some rebellious, "fuck you" persona, all the while, going to some expensive ass school and relying on their parents for money to buy their vinyls they will end up chucking/burning within a year. Even though this kid is rich asf, he likes to guy old grandpa clothes from thrift shop in a desperate attempt to rebel against his parents and his level in society. An absolute pussy thirsty PLAYER, dont trust him. Absolute fuccboi. Smokes cigs and weed out of plastic water bottle bongs.
That guy wearing that commes les garcons PLAY shirt, black fingernails, his private school socks, a flannel from supre, and his mothers expensive rings is SUCH a soft grunge king.
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by Thatsoftgrungechick September 24, 2016
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