The hilarious act of shaking a two-liter bottle of soda, slamming it on the ground, and having the bottle rocket itself towards you by the force of the caffeine.
Dude, you should have been there, Brandon just committed soda suicide today with the two-liter of Faygo I bought him! We seriously should have brought a video camera, that was a perfect YouTube moment!
by DopeArmy101 May 6, 2009
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When you go to a restaurant or fast food place where there is a Soda Fountain, and you take the large cup and go to each of the drinks/sodas, and one by one fill your cup with each one, mixing them all together.
Him: ""Hey, i got Pepsi, what did you get?"

Her: "They had lemonade, pepsi, root beer, fruit punch, mountain dew, tea, and sprite at the fountain. "

Him: "Suicide soda? awesome."
by CloudFlowerz October 14, 2010
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