This is a word you can use to make a sus activity normal, in other words THE SUS PROTECTION
β€œMe and my boy just had a shag but it wasn’t gay because we both had socks on”
β€œit’s not gay if you have socks on”
by __shagalot December 08, 2020
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Everyone loves them cuz everyone hates toes and feet
Wow i really need to get some socks i hate my crusty toes
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by Tessasbae July 30, 2019
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Some Other Cunts Kid
After a DNA test ,I found out it was a SOCK.
by MADBITCH333 July 14, 2019
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An object used for sticking your penis in it and nutting the inside. You can give them to your siblings and pretend it is not full of little sperms
Here take this sock
by Ltlitty November 23, 2019
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Someone who loves to go around the world because socks travel EVERYWHERE.
My bestie is a total sock! She went to Cuba, India, and 3 other places I can’t name!
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by IeatPsata December 03, 2019
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