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Spoonerism of the insult Cock Sucker. It is often used to veil the insult and make it appear less offensive or even to make it go undetected. Can also be written as Sock Cooker.
Hes a total Sock Cucker.
She cooks socks.
by Andy J N July 05, 2006
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Anyone who uses spoonerisms so that they don't have to swear in public. (a spoonerism is the switching of initial consanant sounds in a sentence.)
"I got to feel her tiant gits" said the sockcucker.
by quamp July 21, 2003
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Definitely NOT a cock-sucker. Definitely.
Example 1:
#2- #1, I just ate the rest of your giant birthday cookie.
#1- What a sock-cucker you are, #2.
#2- Did you just call me a cock-sucker, #1?
#1- I most certainly did NOT.

Example 2:
Mom- #1 I got a call from the school saying you skipped Geometry. You're grounded, Mister.
#1- But that class is stupid , Mom! I know shapes!
Mom- 2 weeks.
#1- Aw! Don't be such a sock-cucker!
Mom- #1 .23 Niner! Three weeks, Mister; you just called me a cock-sucker!
#1- NO I didn't, Mom! Gawl!
by Taylor-B- May 30, 2011
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