When everyone pays for certain things like health-care. That way, ass holes who smoke or throw there life away dont have to pay fo it any more than any-one else.
France is where to go if you want to screw yourself and make others pay the consequences.
by Bob Hope III January 09, 2005
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Communism is Socialism, Socialism is Communism.

Some people seem to believe they are different, but they are actually the same. I just don't care about either enough to differentiate between them.

Communism, social studies, socialites, communities, and communion are all very similar.
by Sum Yonguy November 10, 2005
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A system in which human right is Sacrificed for he "good" of the collective.

in reality it doesnt even help the collective.
socilist: "you produce wealth...we will kill you and Distribute your money amongst the masses...Where'd the wealth go?"

socialism and communism are for the most part the same thing.
by Young calgar November 21, 2006
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Exactly what the u.s. needs. But unfortunately various greedy, conservative politicians brainwash society into thinking that socialism is wrong, when really it would benefit the majority of Americans. And no socialism is not by any means fascism. Keep in mind that socialism is an economic system, not a form of government. In fact, socialism is the exact opposite of fascism. you can think of it as taking democracy to the next level. Because if your form of government is already a democracy-(which most socialist countries are) and you have a socialist economic system, not only do you allow freedom of speech and the right to elect representatives into office but you allow your people to decide over certain aspects of the economy. because the government controls all business and the government is controlled by the people, the people have a say in the price of certain goods and services, as well as the salaries of certain occupations. Plus socialism taxes people based on how much they earn and uses the revenue to provide everyone with really nice benefits.
I live in a socialism country. If I am handicaped, it won't be a huge pain in the ass to accquire social security benefits. I have decent pension funds from my job and I will be able to retire at a reasonable age. My health care is payed for mostly by the government and my entire country excels in public education. I enjoy free public transportation and a nice house. The rich have no more political power than I do and they aren't able to monopolize all of the wealth and fuck up the economy for everyone else.
by 8===D----(l) April 21, 2011
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When some iPhone
i love socialism as much as i love iPhones, sometimes good, sometimes bad
by hobobillybobjoe March 17, 2021
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a good idea but always poorly implimented.

see wordcommunism/word
by yomoma April 19, 2003
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