A set of ideals and priority of values that makes up an ideology.

Based on Marxism, socialism is the first step on the way to Communism. While most believe it makes things fair, and equal, this is not the case. To bring one person down to make things "equal" is not fair. A common misconception is that streets and public schooling are Socialism. It's not when the schools don't teach party dogma by Government standards. While everyone uses the streets and everyone pays for them, they come out of taxes, so it's not Socialism. Socialism confiscates wealth. People willingly pay taxes (or face jail).

The former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and China are examples of Socialist countries. No Country to date has made it to Communism. But, they had/have communist parties ruling the country.
Socialism is neither fair nor allows for the pursuit of happiness. Everyone is equal in one way: Everyone is miserable.
by Yami Neko April 11, 2021
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Hey, what’s with this dude Bernie saying he’s a democratic socialist? Isn’t socialism communism?
by tapttam August 02, 2019
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Socialism is a label American Conservatives and republiqans put on anything that is wholesome and beneficial to society and does nothing wrong for anyone whatsoever so they can have an excuse to fuck it in the ass because they are the villains of the story of America.
Examples of things Republicans might think is socialism based on what they already find socialist:

The right to vote

A giant bowl of Benihana fried rice after a week of not eating anything

When a person who you fell in love with wakes up from a coma when you were sure they were dead and you spend the night fucking the shit out of each other under the stars surrounded by fireflies

Beating the final boss of dark souls

Being 10 in 1977 and watching Star Wars in the theater for the first time

Seeing your abusively authoritarian parents getting arrested while kicking and screaming

Sitting in a warm tent with some of your favorite people and reading funny stories into the night.

Playing red dead redemption 2 story mode

Finding the physical representation of all of your mental illnesses and stabbing it to death with a brick
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