Socialism is when the government does stuff, and the more stuff the government does, the more socialism you got. And if the government does a REAL lotta stuff, it's communism
by Donna tramp January 16, 2021
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Term invented by the affluent to convince the average that the remote possibility of great wealth is worth sacrificing health care, education, and a decent life for seniors. In other words as long as you too can be a Bilderberg, even if the chance is as remote as yogic flying, then the 98% of the population who cannot afford extensive health care, post-secondary education, or retirement savings can all suffer.
"You're being the poster child for socialism donating money to the Cancer Society, even though the pursuit of profit has allowed the use of Atrazine, DDT, BPA, PCB's and other carcinogens to be so affluent some have appeared in rain water.

Just because capital pursuit has indiscriminately stolen from every single living organism it's right to live free from toxic byproducts in the manufacture of our fuel, food, and plastics - it does not make you and I as direct consumers responsible.
by Hydroguy March 05, 2010
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1. The political philosophy that the means of production should be owned by the working public rather than individuals. This can be interpreted in a vast number of ways. For instance, the public may own property through the government or through various workers' organizations.

Socialism is not social democracy (socialism has nothing to do with taxing people or pouring money into welfare programs). Nor is socialism necessarily communism (many socialists believe in the right to personal property and not in the redistribution of income).

To put it briefly: socialism is the idea that those who work to create a profit should receive it. You can make money by working but not by exploiting others.

2. The extension of democratic ideals into the economy.
Neither Cuba nor Sweden lives up to the ideology of socialism.
by Coffee Eyes July 10, 2008
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A socio-economic system where the means of production are owned by the workers and not by the investors and a system which frequently and mistakenly gets mixed up with "social welfare state" idea, which leads people to think that Denmark, Norway and Sweden are socialist countries.
A: I support socialism because Sweden has become a wonderful country thanks to socialism.

B: Sweden is a country where the free market policies are adopted along with a social welfare state and it has nothing to do with socialism.
by Les aveux du garcon August 15, 2016
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A type of government where everyone is given the basic living essentials for free, the way it should be. THat way you dont have to worry about health care and can focus on other things in life. with socialism, you're not fucked if you get into a car accident as far as finance goes
Socialism Does work, take a look at western europe. ENGLAND and Norway kick ass becuase you dont have to be scared of dying becuase your not rich enough/
by SCotron April 07, 2004
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The idea that you have something that I don't, therefore you should give it to me. Commonly used by left wing media as a "catch all" solution, kind of like WD40.
Guy: Hey can you help me I fell off my chair and I think I broke my arm.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: *horse face* Have you tried socialism?
by RD8 March 05, 2019
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A type of Government that rather than redistributing wealth, redistributes poverty through confiscatory, and often unfair taxes, affecting in particular the middle classes who, earn too much to claim benefits but who do not earn enough to pay their taxes and yet enjoy a sufficently rewarding standard of living relative to how hard they work.
By paying five hundred pounds in Tax and a further one hundred and ninety in national insurance Mr Smith was subsidising two households where the occupants were second and third generations of people who had never worked and claimed benefits.
This is due to the cause of socialism, and it's Marxist roots. People who have had an overprivelidged childhood and feel guilty about it or those who feel like the world owes them a living generally vote in this way, for a socialist party.

ii. The Livingstonian bus (expensive and pointless)

iii. A purchase made to benefit the few.

iv. The idea that the state and not individuals are responsible for their actions.
by Andrew Kirk August 27, 2008
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