A Social democrat is a centre-leftist or libertarian leftist, who supports a mixed economy with some government regulation on essential services or government ownership, in order to prevent corperat abuse of these services. Social democrats also support environment regulation, public education to level out the playing field, and social programes to help the less fortunate become better off.
Social democrats include Canada's NDP and many Northern European governments, which contributed to Northern Europe's modern Hight standard of living.
by Secular leftist October 01, 2005
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some one who beileves in a bigger goverment. social democrats beileve in taxing on a state level and spending on a federal level. taxing usauly on income
Europes economy is run by these types of libreals.
by John H April 10, 2005
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Party that has many jews and lezbo people. They tend to be gay lovers and nigger lovers.
Person #1: - Hey you are probably a perverted jew, in Sweden we have enought trouble. Go back to Israel and suck a camel will you?

Person #2: - You like to join? Dont pretend your not jewish, i saw you are the synagogue last week, screwing my brother.

Person #1: Ok, i have to admit it then since we might be family soon!

Person #2: Join us then, social democrat (Sweden) party rules! We truley fuck the people in the ass.

Person #1: Swedish people that is!
by Moderat April 07, 2009
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An anti-capitalist political ideology advocating for socially owned economy (socialism).

Frequently mistaken for social democracy which advocates for economic and social justice but is not anti-capitalist.
Bernie Sanders DOES NOT advocate for democratic socialism, he's a social democrat.
by restinpiece August 28, 2020
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A social media democrat or SMD for short is a person who bases all political opinion off of articles read on social media platforms or by jumping onto the same agenda as celebrities. Also referred to as Social Justice Warriors.
Those who believe Kanye would make a good president are such Social Media Democrats.
by egls6 August 28, 2017
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A "Big Tent" definition of Democratic Socialism, that includes Bernie Sanders, AOC, me, and maybe you:

A democratic process of defining, shaping, and implementing shared agreements to ensure that (A) The essential needs of every individual and community are met*, (B) Every individual/organization does and gives their fair share in support of healthy, safe, and functioning communities, and (C) Every individual/organization/community/nation considers their impact on their neighbors, resources, and planet.

A participatory, non-exploitative, and regenerative system of economics that supports individual, community, and planetary well-being.

*Essential Needs: Housing, water, food, safety, health care (including physical, mental, and dental health), education/childcare, transportation, communications, banking, and retirement/disability income.
Democratic Socialism empowers the democratic majority to end the exploitative, unsustainable, and non-regenerative behaviors of individuals, organizations, and governments in support of individual, community, and planetary well-being.
by Bay Area Person February 18, 2019
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