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A social smoker is somebody who will only smoke in social situations. It's pretty self explanatory.

You can argue that there is two type of social smokers. 'A', being the one who bums cigarettes off other people at parties because they don't buy their own. Whether they are trying to fit in or not, who knows, but you have to wonder why they even bother.

The other type (B), would be the type of social smoker that enjoys the added buzz they get when drinking or smoking marijuana with friends. These social smokers buy their own cigarettes. They are people who smoke little cigarettes, so they enjoy one when chilling with friends that smoke a lot. They don't feel they need to smoke to fit in or be accepted, but do it not to be left out when their friends go outside.

Note that social smokers are far from being addicted to cigarettes. Its easy to tell if somebody is a social or a chain smoker. Social smokers know its bad for them (just like a chain smoker does) but they never feel the NEED for a smoke (minus the times they are drunk or high and want the added buzz)
Social Smoker A --

Joe : "Wooow! Here comes Craig looking to bum another cigarette."

Brad : "He is trying to fit in again."

Joe : "Well he isn't getting one of mine, frigging cheap ass."

Brad : "He gives true social smokers a bad name."

Joe : "Yeah he doesn't know what he is doing, if he isn't careful he will get addicted. At least Chad knows his stuff."

Social Smoker B

Joe : "Oh look here comes Chad!"

Brad : "Sweet, I was wondering when he was going to join us for a smoke."

Joe : "Same here, and unlike Craig he has his own."

Chad : "I had a feeling I'd find you guys out here."

Brad : "Haha you know it!"

Joe : "You finally decided to join us eh?"

Chad : "Well I haven't talked to you guys all night so I thought I'd come have a smoke, chat with you guys and to feel a better buzz"

Brad : Damn right Chad, thats the difference between you and Craig. You do it for the right reasons."

Chad : "Haha, yeah! Oh, and no worries, I have my own"

Joe : "Damn right buddy."
by patsfan2003 December 19, 2010
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Someone who smokes on occasions or on the weekends at parties because everyone else around them is smoking.
Could be someone who likes to take pictures smoking just so they can post it on facebook so people think they actually smoke.
Brandon: ''I have a picture up on facebook with me holding some marlboros''

Heather: ''You smoke?''

Brandon: ''Only on the weekends like at parties and stuff...Im like a social smoker!''

Heather: ''wow.''
by 2manybjs February 09, 2011
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Someone who only smokes in public places like bars or clubs for the purpose of fitting in because everyone else is doing it or to impress a certain cliche of people.
Barb became a social smoker at parties on Saturday nights.
by Suvee September 06, 2007
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Someone who doesn't know whether they're coming or going.

They know smoking is bad, but do it anyway from time to time at social gatherings, i.e. clubs and bars, just to fit in and seem "cool".

They produce the opposite effect.

Real smokers and non-smokers alike, know these people are just losers who can't fit in with the crowd so they have to copy others to do so.

Plus they never buy their own packs because they're too cheap, so they beg around for cigarettes, and most of them just puff.
Bob : "Wtf is Marc trying to do with that cig? He doesn't even smoke"

John : "Meh.. who cares, he's just trying to impress"

Bob : "What? The ash tray? He looks like a penis"

John : "Yea well, he's not getting any cigs from me"

Bob : "Cheap ass social smoker ; we should beat his ass to death with a carton of smokes"

John : "Ok, hand me the burrito"
by Richi Rich July 21, 2009
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One who waltzes out of a bar in faux-leather boots with a big grin on their face. They probably who pooled their cash for a pack with another non-addict. They're probably smoking American Spirits, and while they may be scrutinized for not being a "true smoker," really, they're not that big of a jerk... they're experiencing smoking, for the head rush, because of some famous person they saw

"lighting up," or maybe they are just doing to to fit in with you, the veteran smoker.
"I'm not REALLY a smoker, I basically only smoke when I'm at shows/dive bars/driving with my friend ______ who smokes. I'm just a social smoker!"
by eyesoar January 07, 2015
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Someone who only smokes when the cigarettes are yours.
A: You have a spare cig?
B: I didn't realise you smoked?
A: I don't really, I'm just a social smoker.
B: If I say I'm a social drinker will you pay for my beer?
by Pcorb August 18, 2015
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