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A jail sentence endorsed by royalists and the military junta to punish those who defame or insult a dead or living king on social media.
The local police decided to apply social sanction to a woman, after she allegedly posted an "insulting comment" about the monarchy on Facebook—she's forced to bow before a portrait of the dead king, and could be jailed for at least fifteen years for her action.
by MathPlus October 18, 2016
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Sanction refers to either a penalty or a punishment so when you put the word "social" in front of it, it refers to a group or organization that has norms and boundaries and you either get punished from crossing the norms and boundaries, but can also be rewarded for staying and complying with the norm. The reward is also a factor of social sanctioning.
The social sanctioning tolerance for the Nazi Organization is quite high.
by anonymousgoat March 12, 2016
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