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Social libertarianism is the belief in social liberty, i.e., individual independence and communal autonomy from overarching government or state control.

Social libertarianism reject the concentration of decision-making authority into distant, oligarchical, centralized bureaucracies - federal or monolithic - favoring instead the diffusion and localization of that decision-making authority.

Social libertarianism supports a political, social, and economic environment which allows voluntary accession to associations, but also permits a person to choose to remain free of restraint by society, except in cases in which an individual's claim of freedom interferes with another individual's right to be free from unwarranted, aggressive coercion or harm.

Social libertarianism regards free-market capitalism and democratic, communalistic socialism as equally conducive economic means towards the ends of generalistic liberation from tyranny.
Murray Bookchin's support of decentralized, non-hierarchical communal autonomy, coupled with a belief in individual liberty, indicates that he and his adherents ascribe to social libertarianism.
by rogue-economist January 23, 2011
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Social libertarianism is the belief in independence from government or state control that is advocated for by libertarians without the individualistic orientation associated with traditional libertarianism. Many social libertarians believe that small, non-hierarchical community councils are better than large-scale representative governance.
Afraid of the social stigmas associated with the term "anarchism," they referred to their beliefs as social libertarianism.
by adamdouze September 24, 2009
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A nice way of saying communist

Many of them tend to be vegetarians and relatively pretentious. Sometimes even rude and obnoxious.
"Social Libertarianism stresses that it's believers should think that they are the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread. It sucks that my girlfriend is a social libertarian, oh well, at least she is only a practice girlfriend."
by California_lateshift June 20, 2008
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