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A person advocating for social justice.

SJWs often ultimately mean well in their points however they take it to a whole new level. These people are often overly sensitive and referred to as "emotional butterflies". If you disagree with what they preach, then it's a personal insult to them. They will get triggered or set off by anything that offends them in the slightest. These people are to be avoided.
(Note: Not all feminists are social justice worriers, but for this explanation, a feminist will be used to demonstrate the topic)
Man: Here miss, I'll hold the door open for you
SJW: Oh, why? Is it because women can't do it themselves? I'm offended that you would do that.
Man: Oh, I'm sorry (closes door in SJW's face)

(yes, this did actually happen)
by Garuda 2, Shamrock May 29, 2018
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