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Dating back to 310 BC there were gladiators, fighting for freedom, fame, and/or fortune . Company’s in order to survive must charge the other companies and hopefully win, like the gladiators would have to do, throwing blows to each other, such as one company would drop their price and the other in order to survive would have to drop their price to match or even beat the other companies price, and by repelling the blade, the gladiator is still alive for now.

Gladiators gain their fame and respect from how honorably they kill their target, and how entertainingly it is to watch. Like a business must not destroy another business very disgraceful for then the company would lose respect from the higher up companies, which would leave them open to be destroyed by a much larger power. And also a company must keep changing in order to survive, they must keep coming with new marketing schemes, and new products in order to stay up to day, which one could say is “entertaining”. Gladiators, however if they act very negatively, the gladiator may not be killed in battle, but be killed by one of his/her own. Such as in a business, if a business is very negative, and trying to climb the ranks, the company may die off from the inside because when it comes down to it when you don’t have respect then you don’t have anything.

When a company starts out, the company will not be recognized at the beginning for the company is at the bottom of the food chain, like a gladiator will not get recognized as the best in the empire before his/her first battle. However once you begin to climb up the ranks, being very risky you shall begin to collect fans of your product. Much like in gladiatorial games, if the gladiator is not well minded, or if the gladiator is very disrespectful then he/she will not ever be known as the best in the empire, so in order to reach the top of the chain as a business, a business must gain the respect of all the surrounding businesses, and all the consumers.

In Gladiatorial games, not all gladiators would die, sometimes both would survive, but in order to get a prize, which included from a golden bowl to a sum of money, a gladiator would have to win, but you can also get a prize if the crowd voted you the best. So if a company gains the respect of the consumers, and has a great mind, then the company will get both rewards.
The wooden sword, the greatest reward given to a gladiator, the wooden sword meant that the gladiator had a permanent discharge too fight, and in order to get this reward the gladiator would have to put up one of the greatest fights of all time. A wooden sword in the business world would most likely be a company that has reached past the top ranks of business, a company that has earned everything it has gotten. The company could not be called a monopoly, since it has been permanently discharged from having to compete, the company may be rewarded the “wooden sword”, but that doesn’t change the fact that the fans “consumers” will want to see them in action. If the company doesn’t show change, and competitions then their fame will be just legends, and a new victor will arise.

A company with respect, honor, and very smart will succeed, Social Gladiatorial Games.
by C-brah January 20, 2009
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