A disease that is prevalent among certain social groups due to a predisposition caused by adverse conditions
Head-Shrinker: in my opinion this child does not need his head shrunk at all, juvenile deliquency is purely a social disease.
Riff: Hey, I’ve got a social disease!
by Dogwould March 26, 2018
A polite euphenism for a sexually transmitted disease. Examples of a social disease include, among others: Gonorrhea, Herpes, Chlamydia, and Syphilis
Sally didn't want to say that her friend had gotten the clap from screwing half the town, so she said that her friend had a 'Social Disease'.
by Gilbert Narley November 13, 2007
A disease that's plagued people with lack of empathy, sympathy, ability to care and make appropriate friends.
Oh, that guy is being really awkward and being with the wrong friends. I'm not sure why he hasn't texted me back as he is showing his definite friendship with me, man.. he has a social disease.
by OfficialDefinitionFreak February 20, 2017
when someone blogs, tweets, status updates something that brings the viewer/reader out in a rash.
I used a gantt chart and allocated resource schedules to fit project task man-hours around the day-job.

I came out in a rash reading that... thanks for the STD... (Socially Transmitted Disease).
by iamjonny August 3, 2011
Any virus or bug that infects your computer due to having too many friends on your social networking site that don't run the proper security software on either their site or their computer.
I caught a nasty SND (Social Networking Disease) on Facebook the other day and had to reconfigure my entire system.
by Woman of Weird Words September 25, 2011