A term used to reduce human interactions to a quantifiable and expendable resource -- so as to facilitate indoctrination into economics and laissez faire/free trade ideology, which is the rot of the world.
1. Steve: "Gee, every time I try and get assistance from my telco, I can never sort out my phone woes"
Clare: "It only matters when social capital is bartered as a resource, it matters little what occurs then after."

2. Peter: "I've been seeing a Psychologist, and to me, he just didn't seem to care..."

Susan: "Why should he. It only matters when social capital is bartered as a resource, it matters little what occurs then after."

3. Craig: "Hey honey, we have a wonderful estate, local and foreign investments, and are miserable; the kids are spoiled, and not the much happier for that. We buy them smart phones and computer games, and what ever else they want, I feel like we're doing something wrong..."

Angela: "Craig, what you need to understand is that that kitsch humbug notion of love must be done away with so as to cultivate professional relationships with our progeny; it isn't fit for them to use any faculty of insight or contemplation lest they awaken any free thinking thoughts. You have always been social capital to me, even though you are my favorite cousin."
by Snuggle Pot September 11, 2012
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Social Capitalism makes reference to a highly collective, planed and centralised economical system whereby although contrast to Socialist economies..The ownership of private wealth and property are not prohibited....The value and worth however of ones labor, produce and property are determined not by the laborer owner of a property Commercial or noncommercial and the producer of goods..But rather these are entirely subject to regulative, predetermined and pre established values, Worth and measures sanctioned or approved by a highly centralised state authority. Social Capitalism, is effectively the middle stage of the transitional process when a Laissez-faire free market economy is transformed in to a Capitalist or Corporate economy.
Social Capitalism, reflects upon the transition of Americas early Laissez-faire free market economy in to a highly centralised planed economy, subject to the regulative and control of a centeralised and powerful state authority.
by Baron Neville November 10, 2015
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consists of both words social and capital
Social Capital is the extensive base of networks which an educated, knowledgable, and well integrated people create that facilitates economic development and activity.
At the macro level, social capital can affect the economic performance and the processes of economic growth and development.
by Micheal Brenen January 19, 2006
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Socially progressive capitalism is the current ideal economic system. I'm coining the term because the false representations of socialism scare people. On top of that the word progressive has already been poisoned as well, looking at you Barney Frank. So it's a perfect time for a love sandwich, tada! Socially progressive capitalism. It takes the old idea of 'corporate welfare' capitalism that drives people mad with insatiable greed and it disinfects the trumpanzee out of those sick puppies. This process may take years because there are a fair amount of shit bathing trumpanzees that have slimed there way into politics. Then again #Bernie Sanders is a bad hombre so it may not.

Why is it best? Well all shit smothering trumpanzees aside.. No actually there is no other way around the sickness that is the trumpanzee and his money worshipping minions. Up to this point capitalism has been the best economic system for the most people atleast. Its better than any system that came before it. For that reason it can't go anywhere anytime soon but MUST be fixed. Socially progressive capitalism is the only solution to the sickness of insatiable greed that has overtaken too much of the current ruling bodies of the world. Might isn't rite when its wrong It promotes knowing your vote and voice count. As well as voting for things like Green New Deal Medicare for All People Over Profits Life Over War Four More Years of Public Education or Less if that's your thing.
When your tired of dodging trumpanzees slinging shit vote socially progressive.

Thanks to socially progressive capitalism the world isnt going end in nuclear armageddon.

Socially progressive capitalists are going to clean house in the next few years as these trumpanzee worshipping politicians come up for re-election.

#Andrew Yang says we need a 'people first' capitalism, formally known as socially progressive capitalism.
by iAMviking February 1, 2020
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A factor that represents the promotion, perpetuation, and persuasion of economic influence to maintain the status quo for the one percent in power.
Economic treason results from the occupation of labor forces in countries other than that of residing corporate board directors where profit values are substantiated by the SEC (Socially Engineered Capitalism).
by Mikal Machievelli December 2, 2011
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Genuine relationships that can be leveraged for either personal or professional gains.
Carly has a high level of social capital distribution because she is related to Instagram's top Influencer and dates a backup dancer for Beyoncé
by livejoyful August 6, 2018
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