A soccer mom literally means a mom that picks up her kid(s) after soccer practice. However, the term has come to mean the notion of a white married female in the age range of 30-49 with 1 or more children in an American suburb. She is typically thought to be concerned only about her own welfare and that of her children often at the peril of others. This selfish attitude is typified by their bad driving habits, and driving unnecessarily large vehicles like SUVs, which shows their carelessness about concepts like protecting the environment. The are typically but not always Republican, which is another example of their lack of care for the rest of humanity. They prefer Republican over Democratic usually because they believe the Republican party spares them from having to pitch in to help the needy in society, that the Republican party "protects" them better against terrorists and foreign threats, and that the Republican party is more "godly" and against abortion and homosexuals. The last point was actually exploited greatly by George Bush in his last two elections as his campaign appealed to Soccer Moms sense of vulnerability numerous times. Indeed, if it wasn't for the vote of Soccer Moms, Bush may never have been re-elected.
They may also be blindly right-wing Christian. They blindly believe in a religion handed to them by their parents. They have never questioned it, or deeply thought about it. They simply know they are Catholic, Protestant, or Evangelical, and so will be their kids. They are afraid of people of color, other religions, and any thing other than suburban, white, republican, heterosexual, middle or upper-class, christian, and "American" (which is a bigot's definition of American).
Soccer Moms, are usually the next phase of the life of a "gold-digger" after she lands a financially well-off male to live off of.
The millions of Soccer Moms that voted to elect Bush in 2000 and 2004 because they wanted "God" in American life and were afraid of terrorists hurting their kids.
by Sean1973 November 02, 2006
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A woman who usually wears jeans and tennis shoes, drives a mini-van with a little Jesus fish on the back, and is partly responsible for keeping violent shows off TV and C.D.s with cursings out of the music store. They frequently protest anything that they think will "harm" children and act like pinko commie bastards.
by weirdgirl June 14, 2003
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Bitches who have no life and go around telling people to slow down when they are driving through the neighborhood, although the soccer moms are usually the one speeding in their shitty assed suvs like Ford Explorers or minivans. They also like to take up both sides of the street and talk to each other effectively blocking access both ways. They are the worst waste of life that could ever inhabit the face of the earth!
Linda S. and Kelly W. in FL. are the worst waste of life to walk the planet! They are shit filled bags of breath and should be stripped naked and raped and pillaged in front of their children and peers! That would be an example to all soccer moms!!!
by Jonathan Moriarty August 28, 2006
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A white middle-to-upper-middle class woman, generally aged 30-55. Has the requisite 2.3 kids. Usually the product of a loveless childhood and an equally loveless marriage as the trophy wife of an up-and-coming executive or professional. Motto is "my kids are my life". Refers to her kids as "my Precious Little Angels" (PLAs) or "God's Gifts to Me" (GGTMs), and believes the entire world exists just for the benefit of her PLAs. Terrified that child molesters are lurking behind every bush, and that gays are determined to "recruit" her PLAs. Obsessed with whatever is the latest "danger to kids" being promoted that week on Oprah or Dr. Phil or the latest Parenting Magazine. The Soccer Mom is constantly badgering school officials and politicians, promoting the latest "nanny law/regulation" to protect the GGTMs. Usually fundie or conserviative Christian with a cult-like obsession, and makes sure her PLAs participate in choir and church soccer camps (hence the term: "Soccer Mom"). Extremely controlling of the social life of the GGTMs, repressing all independent thought, and all signs of non-conformity. The GGTMs teen years are marked by Ritalin and trips to high priced child psychologists. The PLA daughter often grows up to be an XXX rated porn star, while the PLA son becomes a transvestite drummer in a punk rock band.
The Soccer Mom has been the artistic inspiraton for outstanding movies such as "Diary of a Mad Housewife" and "The Betty Broderick Story". Also classic songs such as "Harper Valley PTA".
by frantic1971 March 25, 2010
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That bitch in her minivan or suv with the jesus fish on the back who can't drive for shit and you want to kill.
by fuck off nigger May 14, 2003
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Homemakers who have a whole shitload of kids because they don't know how to use birth control and instead of working, they spend their weeks and summers shuttling them around in their death trap SUV's to their various activities. They're usually extremely protective when it comes to their kids and try to protect them in every way possible.
I refuse to become a soccer mom. I'm having two kids, total and they'll have one activity each.
by Jennifer Strong July 03, 2006
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a parking lot hazzard
"soccer moms.....oooooright!" --quagmyer
by coldcheese March 22, 2004
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