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Soccer...the sport that everyone says "look at how fake there injuries are!". I'd love to see you get hit in the face with a cleat or knead in the throat or slide tackled or get the ball kicked in the might say " oh that doesn't hurt" but in reality it hurts A LOT! hockey you have all this protective gear on and in soccer you only have shinpads! Fun fact...there have been more deaths in soccer than in hockey! I understand that in hockey there is a puck that is travelling 120 k/ph but in soccer if you actually know how it feels to be hit in the face with a cleat and broke your jaw or get ur eye punctured out bye a cleat bump...youve experienced true pain! In my opinion soccer is better than hockey!
Soccer player: have you ever experienced getting your jaw broke bye a cleat, or getting your eye punctured out?
Hockey player: well shit...
Soccer player: damn right soccer is better than hockey!
by Ilovesoccer2018 June 17, 2018
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