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A term used to dismiss, degrade or marginalize a person. Commonly used in response to the over-popularized term "Bye-Felicia" — which is now often used by unoriginal basic white girls. Also used to shutdown basic bitch friends with names like Savannah or Jill.
Friend 1: Okay cool c u lata
Friend 2: Bye Felicia.
Friend 1: So Long, Charlie
by shdown23 May 01, 2015
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Because "Bye Felicia" went out 2 years ago. And this is an appropriate way to say good bye to a friend. Originating from the hit 1992 movie, " A League of Their Own."
When you need to shut a bitch down, "So long, Charlie." Or a proper good bye to a departing friend, "So long,Charlie."
by adudley June 12, 2012
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