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The act of cumming on a girls asshole and then tongue shoveling it out or having another female tongue shovel it for you.

During the porn shoot Valerie messed up the shot by Farting during the Snow Shoveling scene.
by GTG Crew December 30, 2008
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After intercourse, the man goes down on the woman, licking (shoveling) his semen out of her vagina. Similar to snowballing except the semen is licked from the partner's vagina and not taken from her mouth during a kiss.
After he came, she asked him to go snowshoveling to clean her up.
by Scapa14 February 24, 2006
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The act of giving a man a blow job and after he ejaculates in the female's mouth she uses his toothbrush to brush all the semen out.
Dude I just realized my girlfriend has been snow shoveling me for months!
by snow shovel victim August 12, 2010
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