those who are aquainted with snoop dogg a.k.a. his posse.
yo dawg...the snoops be after me for hatin' snoopy d-o-double g.
by paolo November 26, 2003
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To place a funnel in someone's butthole and pee into it from three or four feet away.
Dude, he's passed out... let's snoop him!
by Thistle McClain July 10, 2008
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Either a description of size, or a mannerism

size: the general Snoop measurement is the length of a floor tile in MHS's hallway

mannerism: acting severly loopy, intoxicated sans alcohol
Julia's hip is about a snoop tall!

Harriet and Molly were acting very snoopish in art class today.
by Melanie Sweeny February 01, 2008
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when your chatting up a chick.you are snooping her!
james:i was taliking to emma last nite
steve:did ya snoop her?
by zlim July 09, 2005
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Snoop - Term used usually by people of "African American" descent to describe women of all kind, usually HOT women.
LeRoy - Hey my Nig... did you see dat snoop over there?

LaTarrance - Yeeh nigga... that lil snoop can get the snake.
by mmoef10 October 19, 2010
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The cutest big eyed male boxer dog on earth. He acts like a lap dog but he is way to big for that. He is the colors brown and white.
Ella: your so cute Snoop

Natthanual: yeah that’s my boy
via giphy
by Giggles6m May 20, 2018
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