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Taking a new friend from college back homerural. Get them all liqoured up and hand them a black trash bag.
Explaining to them what these 'birds' look like, and that they only come out in the middle of the night.

Get them to stand in the middle of a field or woods.
Explain to them that you will 'scare' the 'birds' towards them, and for them to be prepared to catch.

And leave them out in the woods for a good hour or so, Then go scare the crap out of them.
So who wants to go snipe hunting?
by DAE85 August 26, 2005
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To search for half smoked discarded cigarettes; often used in homeless circles. These searches are often done at public ashtrays & locales where large amounts of people gather i.e. Bars, Malls ect. Popular term in the southern states.
Hey, I need a smoke i'm fixin to go snipe hunting
by jagerskins January 26, 2011
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A story you tell your date in order to get her to a makeout spot....

Wanna go Snipe hunting or watching?

Snipes are water birds that live on the coasts. To see one in land is rare.
After the movie, do you wanna go Snipe hunting/watching?
by D0c11 June 24, 2010
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A snipe is a large flightless bird that is very reclusive. To draw one from it's lair, a snipe call must be performed. This is acieved by clicking two rocks together. When the snipe appears, the frightened jounior campers throw rocks at it.
Corbs: Hey guys, we're gonna go snipe hunting!
OT1: ...What's a Snipe?
Corbs: Its a large flightless bird
OT1: There are large flightless birds at Bement?
Corbs: Uhhh...Yeah!
by Phishr October 01, 2005
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The desperate and disgusting practice of searching for discarded partially smoked cigarettes with the intention of either relighting and smoking them, or removing the unused tobacco and rolling them into new cigarettes.
Popular spots for snipe hunting are ashtrays outside non-smoking establishments, the areas under restaurant drive thru windows, bus stops, etc.
by Dawn Davenport January 20, 2005
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