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So Danny goes off to pick up chicken wings at the wing place for the office and while he's waiting decides it's a great excuse to sneak off and pound off! Results everybody at office gets cold chicken wings!
Droops Crotty
I finally understand why when Danny picks up the chicken wings they're always cold when he gets back to office!
This is the true definition of Sneak off pound off!
by Droops Crotty September 24, 2017
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The act of strategically leaving into another room, most often the bathroom, while your significant other is in the house to engage in an often thrilling, yet pathetic, session of masturbation.
Dan: Man, last night was close!

Chris: Why, what happened?

Dan: Brenda fell asleep early and I was all boned up, so I had to run to the bathroom to do the old sneak off pound off. Right after I was done, she knocked on the door because she had to shit.

Chris: Man, that's close!
by droopscrotty September 17, 2017
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