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A sneak diss is a bitch move. A sneak diss is when someone makes a rather vague post describing a certain individual in a derogatory way or a situation that multiple people know about, but while describing the person they refrain from using the person's name as to not directly make a connection between the post and the individual. This is a way to keep from being confronted by the post
Dissed Person: Wow, Harold just sneak dissed me on his Snapchat story.
Other Person: Damn, Harold's such a little bitch. Why wouldn't he just say it to your face?
by NHxTALL June 11, 2018
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to be bitchmade and talk about people behind their back and try and hate on a playas game and steal a pimps girls by lying to make them look bad; this usually happens at work or at the club.
man this dude at my work tried to sneak diss me but it didnt work
by b-rad amerikaz most wanted February 03, 2010
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When your chic dedicated a ringtone to you, then changes it after she let you hear it...probably because another man suggested something
You put my ringtone back to default huh? Straight sneak diss
by Big dicolas August 18, 2018
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