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Snake Sunday is a holiday celebrated the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day. It is in honor of St. Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland. Typically it is used as a way of dealing with a hangover from celebrating a "pseudo" St. Patrick's Day which is commonly done by partaking of the great Irish tradition on a Saturday night when the actual holiday is during the work week. Commonly in honor of Snake Sunday, celebrators will exclaim "SNAKE SUNDAY" typically in unison. This cheer usually follows either the question, "What day is it?" some variant thereof, or if someone says "Happy Snake Sunday!"
Ted: "Hey Lance, how you doing today?"

Lance: "Hey Ted, pretty hungover from celebrating St. Patrick's Day last night, but otherwise it's a great Snake Sunday!"

Ted/Lance: "SNAKE SUNDAY!!!"
by Prim3y March 14, 2010
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