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(n) a combination of the popular term "snake oil salesman" and Obama.

Refers to a morally-bankrupt and unethical politician who has one agenda, yet publicly pretends to have a polar-opposite agenda just so that he can get re-elected to office, at which time he will implement his true policy which will destroy the lives of those who blindly supported him and lead to the complete destruction of the district; State; or Country in which he resides.
Can you believe all of the lies that he just threw out during his campaign speech? Unless you knew he was full of bullshit, you'd think that he was a great guy with all of those pie-in-the-sky statements. It'd be like Hitler saying that he loved Jews and wanted them to prosper.

"And the worst part is, all those idiots in the audience that just kept on clapping at everything he said. I can't believe what a Snake Oil-Bama Salesman he really is!. Anyone with a brain knows that he hates white people and want's to destroy the United States. He's leading his own people and the welfare whores straight to the ovens."
by mike87111 August 18, 2012
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