The condition of your manbat when inside of very tight pum-pum. The puss cuts off the circulation of your fuckstick making the shaft blue and the head white. Therefore looking like a smurf.
Yo, I thought that girl I stuffed was gonna have pizza dough puss but she gave me smurf dick.
by Original King Kobra January 10, 2006
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Someone who owns a Smurf Dick - a cock which has been man-handled and eventually turned an unworldly shade of blue.
I.e Rhys Farley (a proud Smurf Dick owner)
by EdeenSaawr October 14, 2011
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a guys balls are so tiny instead of blue balls he gets blue dick
I was taking a piss and I saw Jerred's smurf dick.
by Brennon Petrie November 08, 2007
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when she so tight it squeezes the blood from your cock causing it to go blue in color
That pedo had smurf dick from that kid
by Big Black Rape Crime June 24, 2017
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A person who absolutely loves the penis either male or female. Slight resemblence to cock smurf. Dick smurf clearly outlines the actual genital area of the penis of a man, rather than cock smurf which can be used to describe a cock(bird).
MAN #1-"Ryan from waterpolo is a dick smurf!"
MAN #2-"Yeah, no kidding!"
by Hot Chocolate December 06, 2006
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1. When one is prior to blowing his load, the partner will will "tickle" his dick blue.

2. When a smurf rides a four legged animal while he is in the process of tickling his dick.

3. Yet another insult.
Gerard moaned in great pleasure as Sally got off of him and started to tickle his dick.

Papa smurf hadn't ridden a horsie before, the tremendous feeling of his deep blue balls bouncing up and down on the horse gave him the feeling to tickle his dick.

"Cameron you Smurf Riding Tickle Dick stop being such a Smurf Riding Tickle Dick and do your fucking homework!!"
by Sir Fuzzmo August 31, 2006
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Slang for multi-wire bundles used in residential structured wiring, typically consisting of two RG6 coax cables and two CAT5e Ethernet cables. They're usually blue and a little over half an inch in diameter, hence the name.
Hey Jim, where's that spool of smurf dick? Some dumbass forgot to pull the drop behind the TV in the master bathroom.
by Truckingeek October 19, 2018
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