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A man who does not hold his weight up during missionary sex. His weight is all on the woman and she has a very hard time breathing.
That smother fucker just about killed me last night!

I won't be dating anymore smother fuckers...I may not survive the next one!
by Meg Kelso October 04, 2006
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A smotherfucker is someone who gains sexual gratification by means of smothering or choking thier partner either during or piror to intercourse. The person being smothered is most usually not aware of the smotherfucker's intentions until it is too late.
Dan: "The face she made was priceless. So blue and terrified! Hehehehe!"
Mary: "Dan, you're such a smotherfucker!"
by Interstellar Fuckernaut January 27, 2009
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1. Somebody who has engaged in the act of getting jiggy with a person who they are, through either coincidence or from premediation, smothering with a pillow or other such smothery thang.

2. A general nob-end.
by Big Willie Wet Wipe April 02, 2007
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A Smelly Mother Fucker. One who neglects to shower and or bathe. Lack of hygiene. One who is scared of the soap. A smelly mother fucker who puts there stank ass feet upon their pillow in which they sleep on.
Justin you have your stank ass feet on your pillow you SMOTHERFUCKER. Take a fuckin shower you stank ass.
by Tommy Tucker February 07, 2005
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