This bitch can't read but she'll fix yer grammar.
. . .Smol Sammy, Plus reddit reading. . Equals everyone laughing cause she forgot how to say the word 'the'
by Basically-Reddit July 04, 2019
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Someone whose temper is similar to their height
"God I hate being short"
"Don't be an angry smol now"
"I'm not an angry smol"
"You know every time you say that you get a little angrier and a little smaller"
by Whythisword March 06, 2021
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"Have you listened to Lil Smol Bi's new song Droppin' Like Obama?"
"Yeah, It's dope. definitely better than Machine Gun Kelly."
by DGWTR_HArdiK September 07, 2021
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Meaning in Marylne has a small penis.
Heaven: Mar has a smol pp
Tae: Did you see mars smol pp?
Mar: UGH
by empii September 23, 2020
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"The Smol Penis" a small focking thang so small that it's fucking smaller than dust like you can't even see it fucking idiots.
"The Smol Penis" Do we really need a definition
by EEJIOT May 29, 2021
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A different way to call a chick

@yooshpoosh on TikTok comments it everywhere for fun though
Person 1: “Oh did you see baby chick on the side of the road”

Person 2: “You mean the 🐥 smol chicken
by Fluffy cat November 17, 2019
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