To perform the act of extraction on a cock.
Suzy could make a guy cum in seconds. Her cock smelting skills were second to none.
by Bad News Bond July 15, 2016
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A noun that usually has a negative outcome. Someone who goes to a location and enters it, however doesn't go in the basement. To classify as a basement smelt the whole area of the location must be entered, except the basement or underground area. The reasoning to be a 'basement smelt' is because there is either a fear or phobia of something in beneath the middle floor. Examples are parties, abandoned buildings, hospitals etc.
'yo wilks such a basement smelt, he didn't even go downstairs'.
by Hospis Vet February 14, 2011
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A noun used to describe a person. It revolves around a person and/or thing being afraid to go inside the basement. Usually someone who has been in the location, however has not gone into the underground level. This is a negative sounding noun. This often occurs at parties, abandoned buildings, hospitals etc.
Yo Wilks a Basement Smelt, he wouldn't reach the basement of the hospis
by Hospis Vet February 14, 2011
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"I hope they quit injecting, and start seeing".

- Not the best perspective, because everybody knows smelt is divine.
Oiya, smelt dunor grut tru. Eureka.
by Macaroni B. March 31, 2019
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Smelted - smelt and smelled put together for a less confusing word
Kayla: "I walked around the corner earlier and it literally smelted like weed"
by Definatelylesbian June 8, 2022
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One that often gets so deep into his/her lies that when they tell them to multiple people, there are different details
just the other day i caught my bitch smelting to me
by Smelton November 4, 2016
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