Those type of girls that are just so small and cute
"Hey how 'bout them small girls"
"Man they are so cute"
by the player February 17, 2014
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A girl you know who lives in the suburbs and sticks in the suburbs, too afraid to venture out. She lives in the small.
"Hey small girl!"
"Hey Dave."
by Alex Quantashassle June 26, 2005
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Nigerian slang, A sarcastic praise to young ladies (hustler) that dates wealthy older men in other to afford things she can't for her self.
Also applies to a prostitute
That small girl with big god just got a range rover, from her "big gods"
by Your village people August 19, 2018
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Your girl-next-door who is not afraid to drive her man's truck, loves to shoot her 22, make Mossy Oak look hot, spends our summers at the lake, and our favoite place to eat is our back yard. We all think that big trucks are better than sportscars, and a good farmer tan turns us on.
All cowboys love a small town girl who is not afraid to get her hands dirty.
by small_town_kid May 11, 2008
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An ugly fat chick who drives a pickup truck and listens to shitty country music. Most small town girls start having babies before they are finished high school, and they are often grandmothers when they are in their thirties.

Small town girls never use birth control, because they think only sluts do that. And besides, the lady who works the cash register at the only drug store in town is your mom's cousin and if you went there to buy condoms everyone in town would know about it within ten minutes. Instead, small town girls have three (or more) different kids with three (or more) different fathers.
You better run off to the big city and go to University, boy. You don't wanna end up married to some small town girl that you knocked up in grade 8.
by Just Passin' Through November 27, 2009
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The first line in the orgasmic song that is called Don't Stop Believing. If that one line is sung in any public place during a long period of silence it will cause everybody within a 30 foot radius to break out singing.
*In a library after 30 minutes of silence*
Guy 1: Just a small town girl...
Guy 2: ...Living in a lonely world...
Everybody: She took the midnight train going anywhere...
by D_Sexy September 3, 2010
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When a girl, typically high school age, is in a shitty relationship but refuses to break up with her boyfriend because she doesn't realize the amount of other guys out there in the world. Typical of girls who spend their whole childhood in a small town.
Her boyfriend is such a player, but she won't move on because she has small town girl syndrome.
by Iskaldt February 1, 2016
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