A type of girl/women who has sexual intercourses with lots of guys and doesn't really care who. They mostly do it for attention and are known as pathetic.
guy: look at those sluts

guy2: those are such slutty girls

guy:One of them wanted to sleep over with me
by MadHattErOoF January 22, 2021
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1) Caucasian female with whom financial power houses' find attractive but non-inviting.
2) White female who has no problem destroying male relationships by sleeping with a guys friend's.
3) A white bitch who holds the double standard - she only says she has slept with three or less guys when she is infatuated with COCK.
1) The girl that is at the Golf outing but only to serve the alcohol. "Hey Tom, look at that "Slutty White Girl," I'd love to "T" her "Green.""
2) The girl at the club who plays hard-to-get; but only for a minute. Turns out to be a nympho. "Hey John, that "slutty white girl" is such a stuck up BITCH, but only when my Dick in her ASS!"
by j$how January 24, 2009
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