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A sandwich made with chilli, cheese and sliced up pork sausages, very similar to the American sloppy joe. Named in celebration of the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middlesworth (and subsequently the sex act that he will preform on her).

The sloppy William as a sex act involves dressing up as a member of the nazi party (preferably an SS officer) and systematically forcing your penis (refered to as a luger) into every orifice of the womans body including eye sockets. You then ejaculate into the girls eyes, collect the fluid up and mix it with boiling water and force her to inhale it to finish with what is described as the "gas chamber". Sick bastards!
Example 1
guy 1: Im hungry.
Guy 2 : Lets get a sloppy William

Example 2
Prince william: This sloppy william feels so good. hows it for you?
Kate M: It hurts my eyes but thats ok. as long as you finish with the gas chamber
Prince willy:Hey dad stop watching you dirty old perv
by commemorative meal man January 11, 2011
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